Peter M. Lewis (Entrevista) Obama sellará en Chile la relación con uno de sus mejores aliados

Santiago de Chile, 16 mar (EFE).

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La visita a Chile del presidente de Estados Unidos, Barack Obama, sellará la buena relación con uno de sus mejores aliados latinoamericanos, con el que mantiene un creciente intercambio comercial y cuyo modelo político quiere poner de ejemplo para la región.

"Ambos países se profesan un respeto mutuo", decía el vicepresidente estadounidense, Josep Biden, quien hace dos años escogía precisamente Chile para su primer viaje oficial a Latinoamérica.

El próximo día 21 Obama llegará con un agenda muy apretada, porque en apenas 24 horas tratará con las autoridades chilenas sobre energía atómica,

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CNN CHILE - Peter Murphy Lewis - Wikileaks: ¿qué dicen los documentos secretos sobre América Latina?

Entrevista con CNN Chile. Minuto 2:40.


El estado sicológico de la Presidenta Argentina, Cristina Fernández, muestras de ADN del actual presidente paraguayo son algunos de los temas y requerimientos que interesaban a Washington, según los documentos filtrados a Wikileaks .

Miami County ties to rescue of Chilean miners


Peter Lewis raced along the narrow Chilean roads and byways en route to his destination.



Glancing at the clock, he knew it would be close.


There were only a few hours to spare, and time was a shrinking resource. It took 11 grueling hours, but at long last Lewis and the rest of ABC’s “Nightline” news crew arrived on site, a focal point for the entire world. On Tuesday, Oct. 12, Lewis and the crew arrived at the San José Mine only hours before the commencement of the successful rescue effort of 33 Chilean miners, trapped below ground for

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Osawatomie Native on Site of Mine Rescue



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By Jeff Gulley

As the world watched and cheered the safe rescue of 33 miners in Chile, Osawatomie native Peter Murphy Lewis stood just a short distance away.

“It was just unforgettable,” he said. “It was life changing. It was similar to the earthquake in Haiti but everything here was positive.”

Lewis, a lecturer in political science at the University of Chile, was on site as the miners were rescued, working as part of an ABC news crew who contracted with him last Tuesday.

Lewis’ role with the ABC crew

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My Work as Interpreter for ABC after Chile's Earthquake

In Chile as Earth Shook: Jose Leon's Story

The entire video can be found here.

March 17, 2010 5:18 PM



Melia Rio Alto1 3-2-10
It's not uncommon these days for "Nightline" producers to shoot their own stories on digital cameras -- and the segment embedded below is an example of that.

But there's a bit more to it.

Melia Patria, pictured above in Chile, was in Santiago on February 27 for another assignment when the 8.8 magnitude quake struck.

With surrounding airports damaged and closed, American news crews scrambled to access the quake devastation from neighboring countries.

Already on

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Postquake: Unease, and Wedding Bells, In Chile,8816,1968574,00.html

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Sunday, Feb. 28, 2010

Postquake: Unease, and Wedding Bells, In Chile

It is a bright, summery Saturday morning in Santiago, and at the Catedral Metropolitana de Santiago, the groom is becoming nervous. Less than 12 hours beforehand, the strongest earthquake to hit Chile in a generation rocked the capital, and all morning, local radio stations have carried news that although the city's modern structures emerged largely unscathed from the tremor, Santiago's sacred spaces did not fare as well. A few blocks away, the bell tower at Divina

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Time Magazine Interview - Quake Response Doesn't Live Up to Chile's Self-Image

The reports of looting in Chile's earthquake-ravaged cities run counter to the country's vaunted sense of Swiss-style order. But overconfidence may have tripped up the government as it sought to project its newly minted membership in the league of developed nations.

Indeed, attempted shows of competency sometimes seemed to hinder getting assistance out to the shattered communities. On Monday night, for example, a brigade of troops was delayed three hours so that President Michelle Bachelet could arrive to see them off. The troops themselves were rather green, according to Peter Murphy Lewis,

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TVN - 24 horas - Entrevista sobre Obama

Peter Lewis analiza el primer año de Obama en el poder

11:07 | Hoy se cumple un año de gobierno del presidente Barack Obama en Estados Unidos. Peter Murphy Lewis, Profesor del Instituto de Estudios Internacionales de la Universidad de Chile, explica las características de su mandato.




CNN Interview on Obama's First Year - Jan 20, 2010

''Se puede decir que fue un año bastante positivo''


Luego de un año de que el Presidente de Estados Unidos, Barack Obama, haya asumido la presidencia de su país el analista político de la Universidad de Chile, Peter Murphy Lewis,se refirió al balance que se le hace al presidente afroamericano y a las críticas que se han levantado contra su gobierno a lo que Lewis manifestó que ”siempre es necesario recordar que hace un año nosotros esperábamos un colapso de sistema económico, hace un año esperábamos graves circunstancias en Afganistán y más crisis en Irak, entonces él ha entrado con

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La Bicicleta Verde in the New York Times "Santiago, Chile, Is Hardly Sleepy Anymore"

October 25, 2009 


Santiago, Chile, Is Hardly Sleepy Anymore 



Tomas Munita for The New York Times

Tourists atop Cerro San Cristóbal take in the view of Santiago.



WHAT would Pablo Neruda say? The Chilean Nobel-prize-winning poet and devoted Communist had a love-hate relationship with his hometown of Santiago, Chile, which he once described as “asleep for eternity.”


A few years ago, many travelers would have agreed, stopping just long enough to change planes for more promising adventures in Patagonia, on Easter Island or in the Andes. But now, after a

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